Our God Will See Us Through

10-Day Reading Plan on True Worship

Our God Will See Us Through

What does it really mean to worship God?

It can be tempting to view worship simply as the songs we sing when we’re gathered on Sunday. But that can’t be our only response to a gracious God who passionately pursues us, time and time again.

In this 10-day reading plan, Lauren Lee Anderson and Clay Finnesand share reflections behind the lyrics of the latest North Point Worship album, Our God Will See Us Through.

Through each daily reading, you’ll have the opportunity to reflect on God, a king worthy of our devotion. As you read, consider what a broader view of worship can look like as a response to the Father’s great love for you!

Start the Plan

  1. Download the Bible App, available for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire.
  2. Under Plans, search “North Point Community Church” and select a reading plan to get started.