Summer Family Fun

Ideas for Creating Shared Memories Together

summer essentials family fun

Summer is a great time for family fun!

Need some ideas to help you plan your summer fun?

Check out these ways you can enjoy spending time together.

Know another family that could use some inspiration? Share this list with them!

people silhouetted against the night sky

Do some stargazing.

See if you can spot the Big Dipper.

family going backpacking

Find a new trail to hike.

Let your kid take the lead.

hand holding a geocaching logbook

Go geocaching.

Learn more at

family watching a movie under the stars

Watch a feel-good movie.

Explore local parks that host outdoor movies. 

boys and family greeting each other at the front door

Plan time with friends.

Get together with someone you haven’t seen in a while.

dad swinging young son in a sprinkler

Run through a sprinkler.

Parents, don’t let the kids have all the fun!

family playing a board game

Have a family game night.

Let the winner choose the next game.

cell phones plugged to chargers

Consider a tech-free night.

Head to your favorite ice cream shop and enjoy real "face time."