Jesus Followers are Multipliers

You can do something to help someone follow Jesus.

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Group leaders create a place for people to talk about life and grow their faith.

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"We initially hesitated to volunteer as group leaders because we have school-age children and travel at times with work. We thought our schedules might prevent us from even participating in groups, but we were delighted to learn of the flexibility to choose our own meeting days and the frequency of our group meetings. We had previously been in a couples’ group with some of our close friends and saw the impact it had on our marriage and our faith. So we decided it was time to give back, and we signed up to be group leaders."

"Leading a group together has been so worth it! We’ve grown so much in our spiritual lives, and so has our group. We have created a trusted space for our group members to openly share and seek God’s guidance. The content that the church provides is very rich and timely. We all need sounding boards in our lives and people to point us back to Jesus. Leading a group has been a tangible way to help others follow Jesus."

—Andre and Carla 

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Parking Team members create a great first impression for new guests and display care to all attendees.

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"My husband Dave was a parking volunteer for over 15 years. He passed away two years ago from cancer. He loved his parking team and loved serving at our church. Throughout Dave’s illness, his parking team was so kind to me. After some time, the leader of the team reached out to me and asked if I wanted to take Dave’s place. I thought, why not? So I happily became a proud member of Parking Team C."
"I am so glad I said yes to this opportunity. I have met some amazing people. I understand why Dave loved it so much. The parking team rotation is every three weeks, so it has been easy to make serving part of my schedule. Our team members are the first ones to come in contact with people coming to North Point. We wave, guide them, smile, and offer a kind word to newcomers unsure of where to go. We are there to make them feel comfortable and loved as they enter the building. I see this as one way for me to show my love for Jesus as we help others learn more about our Savior."

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Mentors are a guide at someone’s side to help them navigate life.

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"I initially thought I wasn't good enough to mentor. But after completing the Re:new program as a participant, it truly changed my life. I learned that God’s grace is sufficient and his power is made perfect in my weakness. I completed Re:new right before I was diagnosed with cancer. I strongly believe the experience gave me the strength I needed to fight as I learned to abide in Jesus. I hesitated for some time, but then decided to take the step to become a mentor. I wanted to help others like my mentor had helped me."

"Mentoring has truly been a blessing in my life. I am honored to get to walk alongside other women and watch as they build a stronger relationship with Jesus. By serving as a mentor, I get to be used by God to help others and witness the miracle of his power, grace, love, and mercy flowing in the lives of his masterpieces."


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