Methods: How to Read the Bible Well

A Self-Guided Study

methods how to read the bible well

Have you ever wished you could better understand what you read in the Bible? We’ll share a three-step method of reading scripture. This process will make reading the Bible easier and help you apply it correctly to your life.


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Part 1 | Observation

Part 1
Methods - Week 1, Observation

Like a detective, it’s helpful to first pause and process before drawing any conclusions.

Observation Exercise:

  • Read Luke 8:22–25.
  • Before watching the next session, identify 10 observations about the passage above.
  • Ask yourself detective-type questions: Who is the audience? What was occurring? When is this happening? Where is this? How are people responding?
  • What do I see?

Part 2 | Interpretation

Part 2
Methods - Week 2, Interpretation

Before asking "What does this text mean?", it’s important to ask what it meant to the original audience.

Interpretation Exercise:

  • Read Luke 8:22–25.
  • Next, review the list of observations you made after Session 1.
  • Before the next session, see if you can make an educated guess as to why Luke included this story. What does it seem like he was trying to communicate to people who may never have heard this? Is there something he is trying to illustrate about who Jesus is?
  • What did it mean?

Part 3 | Application

Part 3
Methods - Week 3, Application

We don’t want to just know more about the Bible. We want to put into practice what we learn.

Application Exercise:

  • Read Luke 8:22–25.
  • Next, review your list of observations from Session 1 and the interpretation you completed after Session 2.
  • If we don’t apply what we know, we won’t grow. Consider how you can apply what you’ve read.
  • What should I do?